Who are our clients?

We concentrate principally on commercial loans. 


With respect borrowers who need loans primarily for personal, household and family purposes which are to be secured by less than five residential properties, we deal exclusively with Mortgage Loan Originators and  Mortgage Loan Originator Companies.  Their clients may have enough equity in real estate which should qualify them for a mortgage loan, but they can’t qualify with traditional lenders because of poor credit.  We can help, because credit  ratings are secondary with IFC and we understand temporary financial reversals. The value of the collateral is key. 


Finally, burdensome bank regulations, bureaucratic rules and delays bring them to IFC.  We do not take applications from, or quote terms and conditions directly to those borrowers.  If the purpose of the loan is primarily commercial we will deal with the borrowers directly.


Our services extend to:

Borrowers who seek help from their Real Estate professionals.

People in Bankruptcy with a short term crisis but a long term value in real estate

Bank Loan officers who have turndown loans which they recognize as sound but don’t fit in their bureaucratic maze and regulatory rules.

In counseling their clients, attorneys and accountants recognize the need for hard money for their clients.

Borrowers in foreclosure who have substantial equity to protect.

The need for a hard money lender is often recognized by developers, architects and contractors.